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Frequently Asked Questions!

Do you inform on new products?

We love innovation and companies that are constantly dropping new products and we always look to inform on these new solutions. Our collaborative newsletter can help animal loversstay informed on all the latest products for animals so you are always in the loop.

What kind of product reviews do you publish?

We only support non-invasive, cruelty-free products that make the lives of animals and their humans easier and happier. We therefore do not include positive commentary on invasive products or products we deem harmful such as microchips, tracking systems, CBD or vaccines, among others.Â

Can we use the content on your website?

Unless otherwise stated, Noah's Ark Pets & Animals owns and reserves the intellectual property rights for all material on this website. So, unless they’ve received written permission from our team, users must not: re-publish, reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, license, rent or redistribute content from this website.You may however, quote us as long as you attribute said quote to us and redirect to our articles via a weblink.

Do you publish negative reviews?

We do not publish negative reviews on our site. Although we understand the important role negative reviews have with regards to helping customers and users choose the right products for their pets and families, on our platform, we opt for a more optimistic approach and choose to focus on the positive reviews and elevate those helpful products and practices instead.

Do you sell products?

We don't sell products. We just review and share products, services, brands, and stores that respect pets, their families and animals in general. All the information published on this website is done for educational and informative purposes and is meant to be used as a guide and not as an ultimate source.

Disclaimer: We publish information in good faith and we strive to be as thorough and accurate as possible. However, we do not warrant that the content we publish is completely accurate. Please note that any action you take upon the information you find in this website is strictly at your own risk. We do not assume any responsibility nor liability for errors, omissions or misinterpretations of this information and any damages or costs incurred by that.

What do you do about inappropriate or harmful comments?

This website provides users with the opportunity to post positive reviews and exchange information and positive opinions in the comment section to ensure animal lovers’ voices are heard and to help others make better decisions regarding products and services that aim to improve the quality of life of both animals and their families.

Disclaimer: We reserve the right to filter and remove comments, reviews, and opinions that we consider offensive or inappropriate, do not reflect our values or those of our group and affiliates, seem to advertise or promote products or services without being a direct user and buyer, or appear to be disingenuous or in bad faith. Nonetheless, any effect or impact resulting from comments on this website is the absolute responsibility of the users that generated the comment, and not of our page.

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