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We want this site to be a treasure trove of "information gems" that help you care for animals, pets and anything in between.

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Paw-sitively Powerful!

  • We think that pet owners and animals lovers have a lot to say when it comes to pet products and services.¬
  • We want pet owners to unleash the power of online reviews to help brands, professionals, and stores to come up with better products and services.
  • We celebrate and cherish all animals, so we encourage you to share and reviewproducts and professionals that respect animals, their families and help improve their lives.


The Impact of Online Reviews:


Read online reviews before purchasing


Avoid companies with negative reviews


Are willing to pay more when reviews are positive

Product Reviews

Choosing Wisely

Pet Owners are Driving Positive Change


  • Leave online reviews that help other consumers
  • Choose to buy non-cruelty products
  • Get their voices heard even through a simple thumbs-up
  • Support small, animal-friendly businesses¬
  • Avoid companies and practitioners that don't care about animals or their families
  • Help others discover new and better products and services

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